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When Liberty, Mythology, and Heavy Metal Collide, Magic Happens.

Recently, I was part of an online video discussion that is produced by PolitiPeeps. Fronted by Siobhán Patricia Lynch, a libertarian political strategist whose accomplishments include an Emmy award for interactive TV, PolitiPeeps is a platform for people to engage in rational discourse about relevant national and international issues.

The discussion involved Siobhán, myself, and Dr. Mathias Nordvig, a Professor at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and an expert in Nordic mythology. Our discussion revolved around themes of liberty and anarchy in heavy metal music. As all three of us are fans of metal music, it was a fun, interesting, and informative discussion.

The online video discussion will be released in three parts, but, before that happens, you can sink your teeth into the article written - by PolitiPeeps co-founder and contributor Dennis Consorte - about the discussion. To read it, follow the link below.

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