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Slime&Grime is your only source for local metal news. We aim to cover everything heavy in the metro area. Chat us up at all the Grimiest of metal shows. We'll see you there!

Brian Schmidt

Cofounder of Slime&Grime Magazine, Brian Schmidt dwells among the slimiest Omaha has to offer to bring you the best. As a walking encyclopedia of metal knowledge Brian can move objects with his mind, well just metal stuff, like black t-shirts and stickers. He’s just that cool. When he’s not working on his double major of, Music Entrepreneurship, and English Creative non-fiction, he’s slumming it up at Hargis strings, pretending to be a luthier and sometimes shredding it up. 

me tho.jpg

H.A. Larson - Contributer

An author and lover of heavy metal, Roman history, and horror movies. You'll most likely find her jamming some of the heaviest shit you'll hear today, making ample use of the Oxford comma, or indulging in gore like a Legionnaire during the second Punic War.

Here's some embarrassing photos of us!

brian tuba.jpg
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