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Omaha's Witherfang Blazes Forth With New Vocs!

It was announced on February 28th that Vocalist Jon was parting ways with the band and heading back home to Florida. Those who have been following our coverage of the band know that Jon was an essential part of the Witherfang sound, providing the spooky mysticism that helps them stand out. After the announcement, the band quickly posted his vacancy on their social media pages in an attempt to fill the position. The band has since remained quiet about the vacancy. However after speaking with Flakus recently, it seems the position has been filled.

Although Jon was a big part in the signature sound of the band, Flakus claims that their new mystery vocalist has the chops and the sound to fill the position. Flakus stated “Jon left big shoes to fill with how well his singing and style fit the band, but with the time and care we are paying to the details, we are confident that his successor will both live up to and exceed the high bar which was set before them.” According to Flakus, Witherfang will reveal their new vocalist along with a brand new track within the coming weeks.

In a recent video posted on Witherfang’s facebook page, Flakus teases some killer new riffs. Go and check them out here, and get hyped!

Witherfang will be in the studio for the next few months working diligently on a new full length album that is guaranteed to blow out your butthole with spicy goodness!

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