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Micro Reviews: Soundtrack to the Apocalypse

Well Hello there! This special issue of Micro Reviews has me pondering whether or not living in a secluded cabin in the forest, hiding away from the world, would be better than watching the world slowly disintegrate into madness. If that's too depressing, you can thank Cattle Decapitation, Obituary, and Panopticon for validating the nihilist in me. Either way the Apocalypse is going to be #lit ... .. .. . PLZ SEND HLP!

You can listen to these tasty jams on our Spotify playlist linked below!

Municipal Waste - Wave of Death

Wave of Death. Wave of Death. Wave of Death.

Wave of Death/10

Cattle Decapitation - One Day Closer to the End of the World

AWWW HAIL YEAH! I'm so hyped for the end of the world right now! Maybe that's just the nihilist in me. Maybe Anthropocene Extinction touched me deep in my jellies. How do you top Anthropocene anyways? I don't know, but this track makes me think they will!


Rings of Saturn - The Husk

I know it's popular to hate on these guys, and they have recently come under some fire, mostly plagiarism allegations, but damn this track is fire! Idk how much merit is behind those allegations, but boy do I love this track! Fortunately them Alien Bois write their best material when plagued with controversy. Best material since Dingir.


Mayhem - Worthless Abominations Destroyed

Blood is red, my Outlook is gray, this new Mayhem track is okay. With such a cool song title you would think that I would like this more. I know nothing about Mayhem, sue me.


Opeth - Dignity

Is this Led Zeppelin? This sounds like Led Zeppelin. This track is Led Zeppelin... and it's amazing! It's a 6 minutes and 35 second heavy metal psychedelic experience, and I love it! Suck it, Greta Van Fleet!


Obituary - A Dying World

I think there might be a theme this week. Are you trying to tell me something universe? This one's not bad, I mean, I could never not like an Obituary track, though.


Panopticon - The Crescendo of Dusk

Pretty standard Panopticon here. Solid black metal with aloof, hermetic musical elements. In this case, that means a gorgeous synth break in the middle of the song, bringing forth icy images of barren snowscapes, aurora (Aurori? Aurora's?), and all. If you like nature and black metal, chances are you'll like this.


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