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Micro Reviews: Smaller, Shorter, and like... Idk Cut?

We got some spicy tracks for you guys this week. Who knows? You might discover your new favorite band! You can find these tunes on our Spotify playlist linked below.

Thy Art is Murder: New Gods

Okay, so this song came on right when I was hitting my stride during a run. This is my new favorite TAIM song. I gotta think of a better acronym. TAM? Idk, that just makes me think of that bad Spider-man reboot, the one with the pretty-boy. Alright, I think I could be down for some New Gods. I guess we weaponized now… So, where we droppin’ boys?

Better than that one Spider-Man reboot/10

Fit for an Autopsy: Mirrors

I always confuse these guys with Thy Art is Murder. I guess they both have similar names. While I like both bands, I don't really like either band's name. The song is killer tho.

Thy Art Is Murder/10

High on Fire: Bat Salad

A clear homage to the Sabbath tune Rat Salad, this instrumental track is pretty damn good at meshing the High on Fire speedy stoner, and old school Sabbath sounds. Something, something, weed joke. Something, something, fire-related punchline.

4 stoned British nihilists/10

Opeth: Heart in Hand

Omg, I cannot stop listening to this killer track! It's like Ghost, Rush, and Dream Theatre had a threesome and raised the resulting baby in a non-traditional household.

Traditional societal conventions are ridiculous anyways/10

Tomb Mold: Beg for Life

Just like the block of cream cheese I forgot about in the back of my fridge, this is black, probably going to kill me, but, most importantly, tasty! Love this track!

Idk, I might throw up. If I just avoid moving I should be fine/10

Wormed: Cryptoubiquity

What does Cryptoubiquity mean? I don’t know, but woah buddy, there goes my pants! This blast of tech death is right up my alley! It’s heavy and technical, boasting some pretty crazy time signatures that are almost hard to follow. If you want to know what Stephen Hawking’s brain sounds like, this is it!

Pants-less and aroused/10

Sleep Token: The Offering

Bruh, I already put like 4 death metal songs on here, I’m going to self indulge a bit. Yeah, it’s a pop song, but a metal one! What separates this band from other poppy metal bands? Well for one, this is more pop than metal, which surprisingly works, and for two, this band is going for a more emotional shade of pop. Think more Adelle and Joji, than TSwift and Katy Perry. It’s new and unexpected, and I cannot express how refreshing this track is to me!

But Brian, you can’t give a good rating to this poser crap, it’s not trve cvlt metal/I can and I will

Live&Obey: Left 4 Dead

Well, look who showed up in our micro review, Omaha’s own lovely metalcore outfit. This week they dropped the cleanest track of their career. I mean it! The sound on this bad boy is pristine! Not only that, but they managed to remind me of one of my favorite games of all time! Next time you see the likes of local heartthrobs Anthony Flakus, Jordan Brooks, and the rest of the gang, let them know this track rules! See you in Heavy Rain boys! I’ll be manning the banjo.

Good old fashioned wholesome Metalcore/10

You can find Left 4 Dead on the Live&Obey Bandcamp page.

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