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“Clap Them Cheeks!” Rings of Saturn release a new song on our new national holiday

For those of you who live under a rock, or perhaps don’t live under a rock, yesterday was the Area 51 raid. Since its inception as a Facebook event with the slogan “They can’t stop us all,” it’s gone from self aware millennial joke, to a threat taken seriously by the United States government, to an event not taken seriously by all of reddit, to a wholesome community gathering. What secrets could the United States possibly be hiding in Area 51? A VHS copy of Shrek 5? Obama’s last name? Perhaps genetically engineered cat-girls?

With such a crazy event making waves in the press, Alien themed bands would be remiss to waste this perfect opportunity to promote themselves. Our bois Rings of Saturn weren’t about to waste that opportunity. On the morning of the event them speedy, weedly, Alien lovin’ Bois dropped a new song, and it #slaps, (yes, I know exactly how old this makes me sound.)

Their new song, titled “Mental Prolapse” sounds like a cross between the Donkey Kong Country underwater theme, the Doom (2016) soundtrack in its entirety, and an EDM festival had a baby, and it’s amazing! The hook is catchy, the choruses groove, and the guitar work is phenomenal, as per the norm for Rings. My only complaint is that it’s a bit patchwork, meaning the various sections don’t always transition smoothly. The song kills it though, and I’ve had it stuck in my head since it dropped. Maybe this is some new technology beyond our society’s comprehension brainwashing me into liking songs recorded at half speed. Maybe it’s just super catchy. Either way it’s charmed me.

Whatever is hidden away in the vaults of Area 51 will have to wait, as the threat of extreme retaliation for any who trespass is very real. Fortunately the Raid has stuck it to the man and turned the entire shindig into a community gathering. Those 75 legendary redditors who did show up to the gate, swapped stories, took photos, and chanted “Clap Them Cheeks!” While nobody went home with any little grey homies, they did go home with new friends and perhaps a new unofficial holiday. What better way to celebrate than with a new holiday Anthem?

Me storming the local record store

You can check out their guitar play-through of Mental Prolapse on the Nuclear Blast's official youtube channel, and pre-order their new album Gidim here, or Naruto run like a madlad on October 25th to wherever killer death metal albums are sold.

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