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"9 out of 10 dentists agree," Graffiti Reviews are the Epitome of Class!

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

In this graffiti review, Brian dissects the artistic intent and resonance of the classic piece, "9 Out of Ten Dentists."

9 out of 10 dentists agree

Poppy Loves the Cock!

Because he had a Cocker Spaniel that licked Peanut butter off his Dick!

Such meaningful words, but what do they mean?

The anonymous author who shaped this masterpiece chose a textured linoleum canvas. Clearly this author chose this canvas purposefully. In fact this choice is a statement on life. Life can sometimes be smooth and easy going like linoleum, yet it comes with bumps and cracks, like the awkward challenges that we all face in life. Life is beautiful, and life is ugly.

Inscribed on the canvas of life is the phrase “9 out of 10 dentists agree Poppy Loves the Cock! Because he had a Cocker Spaniel that licked Peanut butter off his Dick!” What types of emotions is the author attempting to evoke, and what meaning could we draw from this masterful work? The answer is quite complex.

If we looker deeper we can see the framework that holds this work of art together. Poppy is the focus of this particular piece. Poppy is an herbaceous flowering plant of the Papaveraceae family. They are often colorful giving off rich Cinnabar, cool Lavender, and California sunrise-yellow tones. Popaver somniferum, or Opium Poppies, are the main ingredient for the narcotic opium, which causes various side effects including euphoric rush of relaxation, relief of physical pain, and slowed breathing. Poppy flowers are also used as symbolism for remembrance of soldiers who died during WWI. From what we know about this plant we can extract that our subject is somber and relaxed, at peace with his suffering.

Much like the awkward teenage years of virtually everyone, this artwork explores sexuality and all of its grimy crevices. “Poppy likes the cock”, this is probably the most straight forward line. It tells us what Poppy likes sexually but also is a nice play on the word poppycock.

Whether the words “had a Cocker Spaniel that licked Peanut butter off his Dick!” are metaphorical or literal, we can extrapolate meaning. Cocker Spaniels are particularly cute dogs that were at one point in time America’s most popular breed. On average they stand approximately 15 inches tall, and have shaggy coats that come in a variety of colors. Cockers are generally well behaved and highly kid friendly. In this case the Cocker Spaniel is Poppy’s childlike innocence, not properly prepared for the awkward sexual awakening that puberty brings.

The Licking of Peanut Butter off Poppy’s dick is symbolic of the defiling of Poppy’s innocence. This act is frowned upon by society, but referenced in many comedic dwellings as a point of sexual deviancy, most often occurring during that hormonal stage in everyone’s lives. While the author could be literal with his statement, we have to discuss the deeper implications of their words here. Poppy is more than likely going through a rough patch in his life. Perhaps his body is changing. Perhaps he sees his friends in a different more sexually charged light, or Perhaps his parents won’t get off his back about listening to his “Satanic” music. Poppy feels the weight of the world during this weird point in his life and his innocence is defiled by his actions, along with the changes life is throwing his way.

9 out of 10 dentists agree. Of course this is a kitschy slogan we have all heard during the hundreds of toothpaste commercials we hear over our lifetime. Perhaps the 9 out of 10 dentists are us, like as a people. Perhaps we are all Dentists in a way, drilling out the plaque of other people, somber and sometimes suicidal. The author is making a connection with us as an audience. We are all the dentists that cannot ignore the life of awkward sexual deviancy we have experienced. Likewise, we are all Poppy at one point in our lives, somber, and accepting of our emotional damage, and we have all had the proverbial peanut butter licked off our dick by our dog at one point or another. Most likely you agree with this review wholeheartedly. Or perchance, you are the one dentist who did not. Rebel, my friend. Rebel.

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