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Baroness Borderlines -
Man if you like Purple you are going to LOVE Black and Gold. Great new track. Man I love Colors.

Whitechapel Hickory Creek - Clean vocals in Metalcore? It actually works pretty well. Whitechapel brings a unique somber sound here that surprisingly fits their Metalcore tones.

Better than tee hees/10 

Hell Yeah 333-
"My God damn life's been torn to pieces!" Yeah man I could see that. Killer drums and a fantastic drum mix. Lyrics are a little cheesy and the song is a little disorganized. It’s alright I guess.
A much needed hug/10

Allegaeon Extremophiles (B)
Not sure what the (B) is for, (B)ut this track rules! A nice improvement on Proponent for Sentience, which was already killer!
Robots will kill us all/10

Deafheaven Black Brick -
Are you sure this is Deafheaven? In a surprising turn of events the members of Deafheaven collectively stubbed their toes. The result? A more straightforward black metal song and their heaviest track ever!
Collective stubbed toes/10

Amon Amarth Raven's Flight - Classic Amon Amarth sound, although not much to set this track apart from the rest of their catalog, it remains on par with Jomsviking. The lyrics are a little cheesy, but If you liked that Jomsviking this track should do it for you.
Edgar Allan Bro/10

Possessed No more room in hell -
My 90's Death metal senses are tingling. What's that? New Possesed? After 30 years? Aw hail yeah! Gahd dang it's sooo heavy!
Early 90's death metal goodness/10

Nocturnus AD Precession of the Equinoxes
Whaaaaaaaaaat? New Nocturnus and new Possessed?!? How could this week get any better for me?  Man I fucking love 90's death metal!
How could I possibly rate this fairly/10

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